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About Us

A Japanese menu serves Asian fusion inspired dishes, seafood and meats from Japan using the finest ingredients


The word ryokudo originates from “shokudo” which means a casual/small restaurant serving a variety of inexpensive japanese cuisines and Ryo came from the founder. As its name, ryokudo aims to provide high quality food at an affordable price point.

I have always been fascinated by Japanese food and its rich deep rooted culture. One day I set off to the very heart of Japan, Tokyo and was amazed by the street food and the diversity of dishes and decided to bring what I experienced back home to share with my friends and family. With the passion and love for Japanese cuisine, Ryokudo was born. Here at Ryokudo, my aim is to provide a mix of fusion dishes that depend on uncompromising fresh, genuine ingredients to capture the simple and hearty essence of Japanese cooking

Why Choose Us


we take quality control very seriously and is directly supervised by the head Chef


we are very serious with the hygiene of our products. So, worry no more!

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